Leading Female Film Directors in Video Production

The film industry is a male dominated industry. From production to actors and to story plot, there is no denying that it is a man’s world. Some of the biggest and the top-grossing films of all time are all directed by male directors.

But during the recent years, female directors are now slowly gaining their platforms to show that they too can create great films for the public.

The film industry is a male dominated industry, but there are some key female players in video production in Los Angeles. From production to actors and to story plot, there is no denying that it is a man’s world. Some of the biggest and the top-grossing films of all time are all directed by male directors. But during the recent years, female directors are now slowly gaining their platforms to show that they too can create great films for the public.

1. Catherine Hardwicke.

Known as the director who launched Robert Pattinson’s career as a vampire in The Twilight Series,  Hardwicke is also into directing music videos and writing. She has previously worked with Tom Cruise for the movie Vanilla Sky. Most of her works revolve around themes of teenage life in general. She directed teen flicks Thirteen and Red Riding Hood.

2. Sofia Coppola.

Being the daughter of the famous director, Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather, it is no surprise that she will do well for herself in the business. She won the Oscar’s Best Original Screenplay for her movie Lost in Translation. While she is perceived to be carving another route in her film genre away from her father’s, she is much more into making films about the young, stylish, rich and privileged as seen in The Virgin Suicides, the Golden Lion-Winning Somewhere and the upcoming Emma Watson flick, The Bling Ring.

3. Patty Jenkins.

Wonder Woman is not Jenkins first feature film but rather her second, next to her 2003 movie Monster. This director’s shot at filming Wonder Woman has been in the talks for over a decade. Jenkins would have also directed the 2011 superhero movie Thor 2, but dropped after some creative differences with the production. In 2016, she started filming Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. Despite concerns as to how people will receive the solo heroine movie, it went more lucrative than other DC films with an estimated earnings of $500 million. These female directors’ success are paving the way for more female power in the film industry. It would not be a surprise to see more great movies directed by female directors in the coming years.

How To Scout A Location

It is very important to choose the right location for your video. The proper location will make it convenient during the actual shooting of the video. It will be better if the place of the shoot will be near and relevant to the story of the video.


Here are several things to consider when looking for the perfect location.


1.    Look for a place that matches the setting of the story. There are several sites to choose from which can be categorized as natural areas, historical sites, buildings, rural sceneries, urban landscapes, to name a few. A wrong location for a story will result to a video that is not believable.


2.    Choose the right time to shoot. The appeal of a particular location change depending on what time of the day is it. For example, an early morning shooting focusing on sunrise, the collection of dews in the leaves, and the flower buds soon to bloom is perfect if you are creating a video that inspires hope and new beginnings. Night time is perfect if you want to set a romantic mood while at noon is the best time to portray hurried, busy city life.


3.    Check light levels. Some locations like churches, hallways, libraries, and restaurants are dimmer than outdoor locations. In this case, shoot a few seconds first with your camcorder to know how dim one particular location is as reflected in the video. Determine how much more light is needed. Simple things such as opening curtains, doors and windows can resolve the low lighting concern.


4.    The noise or the silence of the place also affects the story of the video tremendously. When you choose for the location, also consider the amount of sound you need to make the video convincing. If you want to create a video that invites the viewers to try a new sauna parlor, you can shoot a busy street full of noise then gradually shift the scene into a silent and relaxing sound of a flowing stream. If you want to pick up subtle and faint sounds, don’t choose noisy places.


5.    Make sure that the place has enough space where you can set-up the equipment that you need. You might have equipment that needs to occupy a big space. Plus, you also need to make sure that you and your staffs also have enough space where you can have a discussion and can take some rest.

Choosing the Right Video Production Company For You

It is very important to choose the right video production company that will make the branding video for your business. When choosing the best video production company, you should consider how long the video that you like and how much is your budget. It is also important to set a time frame as to when they can finish the video. Here are some of the pointers in choosing the right video production house that can help your company grow.

1) Know their fields of specialization

Some companies only specialize in one to two forms of video production. Make sure that the type of video that you want to make is the kind of video that they specialize in.

Communicate with your prospect what style of a video they can produce, and talk to them what kind of video you like for them to make. Check their sample videos. It will give you an idea of the quality of their work.

2) Shop around

Don’t get settled with the first production house that will knock on your door. There are so many film production outfits out there. Do your research. Check online for companies that are near your area. Phone them for a meeting. Discuss your plan and budget and determine if they are the man for the job.

3) Be Upfront About Your Budget

Sometimes it becomes the determining factor as to what video will be made, how long it will be, and what are the elements that will be included during the production.

However it doesn’t mean that the lower your budget is, the poorer the quality will be. Ask the film production house how are they going to work around the budget without compromising the quality of the video.

4) Ask Questions

As much as possible, you want to be involved with the process of making the video for your own company. You can contribute your ideas during the pre-production stages.

You need to clarify how you want your company to be perceived by the viewers. Also, ask them what will be their participation on post-production. You want to choose a film production house that can help you market the video to the public.

5) Plan for a long-term partnership

Assure them that if you are satisfied with their service, you will be a loyal client. Building a relationship with the media outfit will make them want to provide you a better quality video.