Who We Are

You have great ideas how to make your company appeal to a lot of potential clients but you just don’t know how to execute them. Maybe, you know how you like your company to appear in commercials but you lack expert eyes, the creativity and the technology needed to produce it. If these are your concerns, we say you don’t need to worry anymore. Let us take care of it.


Carol is a video production company that creates commercials and other kinds of promotional videos for medical-related fields such as private clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, etc. It was founded in the year 1995 by a woman of which the company is still named after. Since then, the company has been satisfying countless clients not just in Utah where it is based but elsewhere in the United States.


We have a proven track record with all of our clients in producing high quality medical related video content. Our expertise in this field was slowly carved from our years of experience in creating TV commercials, product videos, testimonial videos, tutorials and even telenovela style medical content videos. Our team is trained to execute the right video with the proper message to engage as much audience as possible.

Do you need to know how we can help? Give us a call or visit our office. Let’s talk it over a cup of coffee.